Including Perge, Aspendos, Side, Manavgat, Demre, Myra, Cappadocia and Pamukkale tours from Antalya

Antalya Daily Excursions

General Information:
*All cars used for the tours have air-condition and are in good order.
*All tours are guided by professional licensed tour guides, who are selected very carefully.
*All these tours are offered in English, unless stated otherwise. If requested, German and Russian speaking guides can also be embedded to the group tours
Attention: Regular versions of the daily tours are organized in cooperation with other tour companies. For private tours we work with experienced knowledgeable guides.

Antalya Tour #1 - Perge, Aspendos, Side, Waterfall Tour

Antalya Tours
Departure Days
: Tuesday/ Thursday/ Saturday only
Pick up time: Around 08:00 am. Pick up times changes depending on hotel location.
Return to Antalya at around 18:00 o'clock.
Price: 60 Euro per person.
Price includes: Antalya hotel transfers, guidance, entrance fees and lunch.
Extra transfer cost will apply for Kundu, Belek and Kemer region hotels

Pick up from your hotel and drive on to visit Perge. An important city of ancient Pamphylian, Perge was originally settled by the Hittites around 1500 BC. St. Paul preached some of his first sermons here. The theater stage has finely carved marble reliefs; other carvings from around the city are displayed in the stadium. Amateur archaeologists will want to see the handsome city gate flanked by two lofty towers, a long colonnaded road once paved with mosaics and lined with shops, a large agora, the public baths and a gymnasium. Proceed to Aspendos one of the best preserved theatres in the world with seating for 15,000. Still used today, the theater galleries, stage decorations and acoustics all testify to the architects success. Nearby stands the remains of a basilica, agora and one of the largest aqueducts in Anatolia. It is commonly believed that Aspendos was founded by colonist from Argos. We will then proceed to Kursunli (or Manavgat) Waterfalls for a refreshing break. After having lunch, depart for Side where you will have free time for swimming or shopping.
The order of visits can be interchanged by your guide. 


Antalya Tour #2 - Demre, Myra, St. Nicholas, Kekova  (bus & boat tour)

Antalya Tours
Full day tour of Myra, St. Nicolas Church, Kekova boat tour (half day bus & half day boat tour)

Departure days
:  Monday / Wednesday / Fridays only
Pick up time: 06:30-07:30 am. Changes depending on hotel location.
Price: 60 Euro per person.
Price includes: Antalya hotel transfers, guidance, entrance fees and lunch.
Extra transfer cost will apply for Kundu, Belek and Kemer region hotels

Combination tour by coach and by gullet yacht. Transfer from your Antalya hotel to Demre (the Biblical Myra), where St. Nicholas was the bishop (i.e the traditional Christmas gift-giving originate here), In Myra, incredible rock tombs overlook the magnificent Roman theater and the Church of St. Nicholas. Then board the boat for a trip to the incredible sunken city Kekova (half way below sea level), via Ucagiz, Simena, Burc Bay, and Pirates’ Cave, including a short stop for swimming. So bring you swimming suits, if you wish. Drive back to Antalya along the beautiful coastline. Arrival to Antalya late in the evening and transfer to hotels.

Kekova is a name given to the most scenic area in Lycia along the Turquoise Coast. It covers a large area consisting of Kekova Island, Kale (the Castle) village and Üçagiz (the Three Mouths) village. A sunken city was formed by the submergence of ancient cities probably due to earthquakes. The Tersane (shipyard) can still be seen on the shore of Kekova Island. Both the sunken city and the Tersane are thought to be from either the Lycian or Byzantine period, but neither of them have been excavated. On a narrow section of the western side of the island are the ruins of a Byzantine Church with its apse still visible. The village of Kale has been identified as the former Lycian town of Simena, where there is still a settlement with stone cottages mixed in with Lycian and Roman remains. A Lycian sarcophagus standing in the shallows of the harbor of Simena is the most notable ruin. Other remains in the village are a 1st century AD Roman bath complex, a medieval castle, a small theater, cisterns and a necropolis.

The ancient city of Myra, located a few kilometers out of Demre in the north, was one of the earliest Lycian cities. Myra was renowned throughout the centuries as the city where St. Nicholas had lived in the 4th century AD. The ruins in Myra consist mainly of a theater and some of the best examples of Lycian rock-cut tombs. The rest of the city has not been excavated yet. The acropolis, as expected, is at the top of the hill.

St Nicholas Church
Saint Nicholas giving its name to the church in Demre (Myra) is said to be the original Santa Claus. St. Nicholas became the bishop of the Christian church of Myra, but little is known about him with certainty. His reputation for generosity and compassion is best exemplified in the legend that relates how Nicholas saved a poor man from a life of prostituting his three daughters. The story provides the foundation for the custom, still practiced in many countries, of giving gifts in celebration of the saint's day, which is December 6.
St. Nicholas was buried in a tomb outside the city of Myra, over which a chapel was subsequently erected. In the 6th century it was replaced by a large church, which is located in the town of Demre


Antalya Tour #3 - Phaselis and 3 Islands Boat Trip from Kemer

Antalya Tours2
Departure days
: Tue / Thu / Sat
Pick up time: 08:30-09:00. Flexible depending hotel location.
Return to Antalya at around 18:00 o'clock.
Price: 60 Euro for 1-2 pax, 45 Euro for 3 and more participants.
Price includes: Antalya hotel transfers, guidance, entrance fees and lunch.
Extra transfer cost will apply for Kundu, Belek and Kemer region hotels

Depart from Antalya hotels and drive to Kemer Yacht Marina for embarking on the boat trip. Besides all day lasting fun and entertainment as well as a delicious lunch guests will visit one of the oldest of ancient Lycian and Roman cities; Phaselis including its theatre, the Roman bath, and old Lycian harbor. Phaselis was founded by Rhodes at the beginning of the 6th century B.C. and it soon became an important harbor. The Theatre dates back to the 2nd Century A.D. The arches of the Aqueduct of the city stand out among the green color of pine trees. Guests will admire the baths and the paved road that leads to the gate erected for the honor of the Emperor Hadrian. After lunch, you will sail on the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, for fishing, diving, snorkeling; and if lucky, to see the dolphins that sometimes approach the boats. return to Kemer following shorrt visits to the Three Islands - Bays of Pirates. Transfer to Antalya hotels.


Antalya Tour #4 - Pamukkale & Hierapolis Excursions from Antalya

Antalya Tour #4A - Pamukkale & Hierapolis daily tour (1 day)
Departure days: Tuesday / Friday / Sunday only
Pick up time: 06:00-07:00. Flexible depending on hotel location.
Return: to Antalya at around 20:00 o'clock.
Price: 80 Euro per person
Price includes: Antalya hotel transfers, transportation, guidance, entrance fees and dinner.
Attention: Extra transfer cost will apply for Kundu, Belek and Kemer region hotels

Private Tour of Pamukkale & Hierapolis from Antalya.
Flexible pick up time, knowledgeable guides, private transportation.
Price: Please ask. Price depends on total number of participants.
Price includes: Hotel pick up/drop back, transportation, guide, entrance fees and lunch.

Attention: If you have enough time we recommend the below 2 day tour for Pamukkale (Tour 4/B), because Pamukkale is at a considerable distance to Antalya, and most of the time is spend on the bus during daily tours.

Tour 4/B - 2 day Pamukkale & Hierapolis tour from Antalya.
Departure days: Wednesday / Saturday only (Summer time)
Pick up time: 08:00 am. variable depending on hotel location.

Tour Itinerary:

Day 1
Departure from Antalya at 09:00 am (departure time can change on some periods)
After 4 hours drive approximately, lunch break in Pamukkale. (lunch is not included)
Guided tour of Pamukkale, including transfers, entrance fees and professional guidance.
Check into you hotel. Dinner and overnight in your hotel.

Day 2
After breakfast Kizilsu (red water - natural thermal water area) tour.
After lunch break, transfer to bus. Evening bus to Antalya, arriving by 18:30 pm.

Price: 100 Euro pp in a double / triple room.. Please ask for single price

Price includes:
Transfer from Antalya hotels
(Extra transfer cost will apply for Kundu, Belek and Kemer region hotels)
2 way transportation bus bus.
Pamukkale tour including guidance, entrance fees.
Red water tour including guidance, entrance fees
1 night half board budget accommodation in Pamukkale
Lunch not included.



Antalya Tour #5 - Cappadocia Tours from Antalya (3 Days & 2 nights )

Daily Cappadocia Tours

Departure days
: Tuesdays and Fridays only
Pick up time: Please Ask. Flexible depending hotel location.
Price: 140 Euro pp in a double or  triple room. Please ask for single price.
Price Includes
. Professional tour guides.
. All transportation by air-conditioned, non-smoking minivans/tour coaches.
. 2 nights hotel accommodation in Cappadocia (Half board = breakfast and dinner included)
. All entrance fees for tours mentioned in the itinerary.
. Hotel pick up/drop back (Extra transfer cost will apply for Kundu, Belek and Kemer region hotels)

Tour Itinerary
Day 1- Early departure from your hotel. Visiting Mevlana museum in Konya, underground city and panorama tour of Cappadocia along the way. Hotel in Cappadocia.
Day 2- Cappadocia tour which includes Fantasia Valley, Avanos, Cavusin, Goreme lunch break in Uchisar and after lunch visiting Guvercinlik and Panorama valleys, Pasabag and fairly chimneys. Hotel in Cappadocia
Day 3- Morning departure to Antalya arriving around 19:30 o'clock. Transfer to your hotel.


Antalya Tour #6 - Termessos & Duden Waterfall Excursion

Antalya Tours2
Departure days
: Fridays and Sundays only.
Pick up time: Please Ask. Flexible depending hotel location.
Price: 70 Euro for 1-2 pax, 55 Euro for 3 and more participants.
Price includes: Antalya hotel transfers, guidance, entrance fees and lunch.
Extra transfer cost will apply for Kundu, Belek and Kemer region hotels

Depart in the morning to visit Termessos ruins, located some 30 km from Antalya. We will visit Duden Waterfalls on the way back which will make the tour great combination of historical and natural beauties of Antalya region.

Termessos is one of the best preserved of the ancient cities of Turkey. It lies 30 kilometres to the north-west of Antalya. It was founded on a natural platform on top of Gulluk Dagi, soaring to a height of 1.665 metres from among the surrounding travertine mountains of Antalya, which average only 200 metres above sea level. Concealed by a multitude of wild plants and bounded by dense pine forests, the side, with its peaceful and untouched appearance, has a more distinct and impressive atmosphere than other ancient cities. Because of its natural and historical riches, the city has been included in a National Park bearing its name.

All the streams of the region aim at finding their way into the Mediterranean and they pour down the slopes of the Taurus, sometimes overland sometimes underground and reaching their destination, result in lovely waterfalls, of which there are more than twenty. The loveliest of these are the Duden Falls, 15 km. north of Antalya


Antalya Tour #7 - Off Road Jeep Safari Excursion

Departure days: Tuesdays / Thursdays / Saturdays only
Pick up time: Please Ask. Flexible depending hotel location.
Price: 70 Euro for 1-2 pax, 55 Euro for 3 and more participants.
Price includes: Antalya hotel transfers, tour leader and lunch.
Extra transfer cost will apply for Kundu, Belek and Kemer region hotels

Depart from Kemer at about 09:00 am, along the way of Aslanbucak, a small town and going by Kesmebogazi, Somakseri, Gedeleme, Kucuk Ovacik. Here we will have a tea break in a Traditional Turkish village house. Our will tour continue on the road to mountain Ovacik, Sogucaksu, Agalaryolu . We will take a break in the famous cedar forests, and then drive on to Altinyaka where we will arrive around 13.00. Here we will have our lunch at the restaurant enjoying their well known delicious fresh Speckled Trout.
At around 14:30 pm, we will depart from Altinyaka along the road to Golcuk, Saraycik, Kuzcayolu small villages and at 15.30 pm we arrive at then Alakir stream. We will have a swimming break here. (weather permitting). At 16:00 pm , we depart from Alakir in the direction of Sogutcumasi, Ucoluk Plateau, Ovacik, Kizilgol, Cinarlipinar and then we get on the road to Kesmebogaz. Here we will have a break under a stone bridge. The Jeep safari tour will finishes in Kemer at around 18:00 pm.

Jeep Safari is an unforgettable adventure. If you prefer, you can take control of the jeep under our leadership or you can give control to our driver or another guest who would like to drive. Visiting a small Turkish village, bathing break in the mountain river, the lunch in the small local restaurant are the highlights of this adventurous trip.

*Picking the guests from the hotel
*Departure to the meeting point
*Information about tour and routes
*Photo breaks on the road
*Visiting the villages
*Lunch in a typical Turkish restaurant
*Adventurous travel by jeep back to the meeting point
*Transfer back to the hotels


Antalya Tour #8 - Rafting Tours

Departure days: Everyday
Pick up time: Please Ask. Flexible depending hotel location.
Price: 50 Euro per person.
Price includes: Antalya hotel transfers, rafting guidance, and lunch.
Extra transfer cost will apply for Kundu, Belek and Kemer region hotels

White Water Rafting
Option 1: Beskonak Rafting
Depart from your hotel and drive to the rafting area, located in Beskonak, (65 km from Antalya) on the Manavgat River. The rivers runs for a distance of 12 km and it takes around 4.5 or 5 hours to raft along its length. Enjoy adventure on the cool water of this river. A lunch break will be had during the rafting tour.
All the necessary equipment for rafting are supplied. After the tour we return Antalya and visit the old harbor of the Marina.

Option 2: Koprulu Canyon
Pick up from the hotels and drive to Koprulu Canyon National Park. In Koprulu Canyon National Park, there is a wide river of crystal clear water that flows gently through the magnificent landscape. It is no wonder that this river has become a popular tourist attraction for visitors. Expert rafting guides brief the group on National Park safety procedures , and use of equipment . Participants may choose between an inflatable canoe or raft. Canoes offer a more active rafting trip. No previous rafting experience is necessary. Participants older than 10 years are welcome to this tour. Rafts hold 8-9 people and are manned by a river guide. Fun for families. Everyone must wear life-jackets. Lunch will be served at a restaurant by the water.  Transfer to the hotels before dinner time.


Antalya Tour #9 - Scuba Diving

Departure days: Tue / Thu / Sat
Pick up time: Please Ask. Flexible depending hotel location.
Price: 70 Euro per person.
Price includes: Antalya hotel transfers, tour leader and lunch.
Extra transfer cost will apply for Kundu, Belek and Kemer region hotels

Antalya and its environment enjoys the name of diving paradise with its 40 m vision range and pleasant water temperature (20° C in May to 28° C in August) and attractive underwater live. There are more than 25 diving regions with shallow rocks, surrounded with mountains with steep walls in Antalya and around with various species of fish. Our boat will take you to various places, depths and degrees of difficulty, and offer the right location for everybody, from diving masters to beginners.

Itinerary - Scuba Diving in Antalya-

*Collection of the guests from the hotel
*Travel to Diving Center
*Information about Diving
*Travel with the boat
*Lunch on board
*Return trip with the boat
*Transfer to hotels

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